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Pakistan Alumni Co-ordinator

Usman Shafiq

BSc Business and Management, 2013

What I am doing now…

After achieving my postgraduate degree I decided to return to my native city, Faisalabad after 11 long years. Since November 2014 I have been working in textiles, principally trading garment yarn and helping my mother in her beauty salon business as a strategist and marketer. While doing this I have been exploring opportunities in the technology sector.Usman Shafiq

My best Brunel memory…

This is a hard one! I spent tremendous three years in Brunel and to choose ‘one’ from plentiful fondest memories; it’s really difficult, yet one memory that I always cherish is when I was given the ‘red’ ambassador shirt right after my second semester. I was representing Brunel as a student ambassador from that day. I won’t forget that.

What Brunel means to me…

My Alma Mater! That’s what Brunel is to me. I arrived in the UK as an average, confused, unsure about my objectives and I left Brunel with a clear perspective and as a better human being. Brunel groomed me.

Why I volunteer as an Alumni Associate…

I have a simple theory. You have an obligation towards your institution that moulded you and made you an employable person. This is the principal reason. However I also think there should be a common platform for Pakistani Alumni to reminisce the laughs, the highs and lows of their time at Brunel. I aim to make the Pakistan Chapter amongst the soundest international alumni chapters of Brunel.

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