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To receive information about events in India, please contact alumni@brunel.ac.uk to make sure that your contact details are correct. We would hate for you to miss out!

India Alumni Co-ordinators

VarunRaj Singh

BSc (Hons) Business and Management (2009)

Varun helps to organise social and networking events for alumni in India.

What I’m doing now…

I am currently working for Ameriprise Financial (formerly American express) as Team Leader in Strategic Sourcing. My work involves IT procurement for our office in Minneapolis from vendors such as Microsoft and Oracle.

My best Brunel memory…
Varun Singh
I have many fantastic memories from Brunel, but two stand out as especially memorable:

1) During one particularly harsh winter, when one of my flat mates forgot to turn off the burners in the kitchen, we all had to evacuate outside. Everyone was incredibly cold and couldn’t help but curse the poor guy for his bad timing!

2)  Nearing the end of the term, two of my mates and I decided to go to central London during the middle of the night. That evening made me realise how fortunate I was to be a part of lovely group of friends from a lovely university. We wandered all night outside and I came to the realisation that life is beautiful and at times, it can be mesmorising.

What Brunel means to me…

In one word? Enlightenment. It was an incredible experience for me. My time at Brunel helped me grow from a young 18 year old to an independent man, ready to take on the world.

Why I volunteer as an Alumni Associate…

I would love to contribute to the university which has given me an identity. I would love to enhance the reputation of Brunel University London with prospective students here in India by sharing my experiences with them and showing them what a difference it can make to their lives.

Shrey Khire

MSc Automotive and Motorsport Engineering (2013)Shrey Khire

What I'm doing now....

Engineer (Business Development/Projects) with Maxpro Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

My best Brunel memory....

Representing Brunel in Formula Student 2013

What Brunel means to me....

Simply, Brunel's campus was where I learnt about motorsports, became a better professional and lived life to the fullest, just the way I wanted!

Why I volunteer as an Alumni Associate....

To help prospective/current students in their careers, connect with my fellow graduates and expand my network.



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