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Ghana Alumni Co-ordinator

Abby SapporAbby Sappor

MSc Human Resource Management & Employee Relations (2005)

What I’m doing now…

I am the General Manager of Aviation Social Centre Ltd in Accra, Ghana.

My best Brunel memory…

I made life-long friends during my time at Brunel, including my husband whom I met as a fellow student of Brunel.

What Brunel means to me…

Well, if I met my husband at Brunel, then the university sure means more to me than I can possibly explain!

Why I volunteer as an Alumni Associate…

I volunteered to become an Alumni Associate because I have realised that Brunel University London does not have
as large an alumni presence in Ghana compared with other UK universities. Brunel is one of the best universities in London and establishing a vibrant alumni presence in Ghana will help draw more young Ghanaians to the school, allowing them the opportunity to enjoy the same experiences I did as a student of Brunel, while acquiring the best of education.

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