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Brunel in your country

Representatives from Brunel will be visiting various countries around the world this year and we would love to meet you while we are there.

Our colleagues will be attending University fairs to talk to people about courses and life at Brunel to help other international students who are considering studying here. If you would be interested in sharing your experiences with students in your country, we would be delighted for you to join us. To hear from someone who has been through the UK university experience can be really helpful when students are making such an important decision.

The upcoming fairs include:

  • 18/10/2014 Istanbul, Turkey
  • 18/10/2014 Istanbul, Turkey
  • 20/10/2014 Athens, Greece
  • 25/10/2014 Frankfurt, Germany
  • 10/11/2014 Taipei, Taiwan
  • 14/11/2014 Dubai, UAE
  • 17/11/2014 Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
  • 18/11/2014 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 19/11/2014 Hyderabad, India
  • 20/11/2014 Hyderabad, India
  • 25/11/2014 Chennai, India
  • 27/11/2014 Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • 01/12/2014 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • 02/12/2014 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

If you would like to volunteer to come along and speak to prospective students, please email stating your name, course, graduation year and the date you are interested in attending.

If your city is not listed, but you would like to find out when you might be able to help us by volunteering in the future, please email

More Alumni news can be found in the News page or in the Archive.

Page last updated: Tuesday 18 July, 2017