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Life-changing Brunel

Urban Scholars Programme

This Urban Scholarsscheme has now been running for over 10 years, it gives an invaluable opportunity for young people to realise their true potential despite barriers that may be in their way.

A very exciting development this year is that we have a new cohort of students from Milton Keynes. Thanks to Roger Bowden and NiftyLift's support. We are building links with the 14 upper schools in the Milton Keynes area with pupils from four schools already enjoying a pilot programme.

To find out more about the Urban Scholars Programme please call Clive Gee on 01895 267776 or email

The Copiae MBA Prizes

Support for Made in Brunel

Dave Granshaw Foundation has been established in memory of Alumnus Dave Granshaw. It reflects Dave's passion to help talented but disadvantaged young people. The Foundation works in partnership with the Aylesbury Training Group (ATG), to provide support and opportunities for young people, particularly within engineering, to realise their potential. During 2014, The Dave Granshaw Foundation was delighted to be able to support two Made in Brunel exhibitors and Brunel University design undergraduates fund their final year projects.

Prize for Student Endeavour

The Jan Campbell Prize for Student Endeavour, life does not always go the way we expect but with determination and hard work we can still achieve our goals, Jan wanted her Prize to reflect just that: from Jan Campbell Associates Ltd.,

Your time at University is said to be some of the best years of your life. However, for some students their time is lived out against a backdrop of heartache and really hard times. Proudly watching my son graduate I realised and know through his very personal experience that they are not always the carefree, hedonistic times we think them to be and yet, and despite everything, it is possible to dig deep and achieve your potential.

My son Andrew, is a shining example of doing just that. Having lost his Dad during his first year, Andrew still went on to attain his degree and at his graduation ceremony his fellow students and family alike cheered unanimously his great achievement. For me, his Mum, it was a very proud moment and one that I know that would make his Dad hugely proud.

We all understand that sometimes the route to success isn't always the route we set out on. Twists and turns in life can mean we change direction, yet still we are able to arrive at our desired destination. In my working life I see such achievements every day as I work with businesses helping them and their staff stay on track and succeed. And that was very much my Andy's university journey.

The awarding criteria of my prize reflects that gutsy determination, ability to work around obstacles and “seizing opportunities attitude” that gets us to where we want to be in life. I hope the Jan Campbell Prize will be a part of the personal life map of the recipient and be a model by which to live life.


2014 Scholarship Holders 

Kirsty Greener

Kane Harrison

Kane Harrison

There have been times when without my scholarship I would not have been able to pay the rent. The award has allowed me to focus more on my course and my future without having to worry so much about my current finances.

The Urban Scholars Programme is a fantastic initiative raising aspirations for talented secondary school pupils without experience of university and for me has been a real blessing.






Clieo Stephenson

Clieo Stephenson

"As a sports scholar I have been able to pursue my sporting ambitions and to do so many more things that I was not able to do before.I have been able to pay for equipment and clothing for training and competitions. The scholarship helps pay for competition and training expenses and will allow me to go warm weather training. With free access to the Indoor Athletics Centre I am well on the way to achieving my ambition to participate full-time.






Eleonor Watson

Eleanor Watson

Being given a Music Award has offered me a wealth of opportunities that I would otherwise not have had.  Studying for a degree in a totally different discipline to music meant that it might have been difficult to continue playing the violin.  However, now that I have free lessons once a week I am able to continue improving my skills and perform in the Arts Centre concerts alongside my academic studies.  I hope that it is possible for other students to have this excellent opportunity in the future”.



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