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United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi) Alumni Co-ordinator

Prince Rehnsi

BSc Business and Management, 2011

What I’m doing now…

I completed a BSc (Hons) Business & Management - Accounting Degree in 2010. The Business School faculty left a great impression on me. They were professional individuals with years of experience in the field. As an Institution, Brunel taught me the value of commitment. The ethics and life skills which I learnt during my time there opened doors of opportunity for my career development.

I moved back to the UAE towards the end of 2010 and almost immediately started applying for work. I never wanted to look for a job and was always focused on working my way towards a career. I started an Interior Decorating & Trading business under the supervision of my father. My role is to target and acquire new clients who could benefit from the products and services offered by our firm.

My best Brunel memory…

For me, the two special occasions in my university life include my first day there and then my graduation ceremony. But on a personal note, the friendships I have made from my time there are stronger than ever. I'll keep my misdemeanours to myself as I don't want to ruin my impeccable reputation!

What Brunel means to me…

I was very keen to further my education by completing a Bachelor’s Degree after finishing my Diploma at LIBT (Now, LBIC). In 2007, I began the process of looking at various universities in London. Being a future International Student, my criteria was simple; I wanted a university that was fully accredited, internationally recognised, had a good reputation and very high academic standards. Brunel University, being very well known and ranked in top 25 business schools in London, caught my attention.

During my Open day visit to Brunel, my first reaction was "Wow! Brunel is huge". The best part about Brunel University is its package. From Sports Centre to Library; Lecture halls, Computers Centres, Grocery, Bank, Food Joints, Accommodation, Student Union bars/clubs and many other cultural societies - everything is at one place. I used to describe it to my family and friends as a "Kingdom". I stayed in university accommodation during my last two years and it was an amazing experience to live with diversified students from so many different cultures. I learnt so much about different ethnicities and backgrounds, and I was able to celebrate many different cultural festivals with them.

Why I volunteer as an Alumni Associate…

I would like to volunteer as a representative for Brunel Alumni as a gesture of thanks, in return for all that it gave me as a student. I was part of various cultural and sports society (mainly, Brunel Bhangra Team 2010, and Social Secretary – Brunel Table Tennis Society 2010) and represented the university at
various different occasions. I would yet like to work for the future success of the university, also meet new people – other alumni, future prospective students – build a strong alumni network in the UAE and help my fellow alumni to the best of my ability. 

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