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Indonesia Alumni Co-ordinator

Anka Juneanto

MSc in Media and Communications

What I’m doing now…

I am currently working as Head of Communications at the British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia. Generally, I am responsible for a range of areas, Anka Juneantosuch as public affairs, media relations, external publications (Up.Date Magazine, article contribution for several magazines and chambers), website
establishment, overseas business network Initiative in partnership with UKTI and many others which are greatly associated with communications matters.

My best Brunel memory…

Postgraduate room, where students spent most of their time to accomplish their dissertations. Although everyone was quite serious, the room was very memorable. I met my best friend in Brunel and she is now working at the same organisation. In fact, I met many best friends from many countries, such as Korea, Saudi Arabia, France, China, Britain, Iran, Japan, and Thailand. Indeed, I love everything about Brunel. I wish I could take more Master’s Degrees at Brunel.

What Brunel means to me…

Brunel means everything to me as it has transformed my perspectives in terms of life.

Why I volunteer as an Alumni Associate…

It is an honour to volunteer as an Alumni Associate. Brunel has given me the opportunity and priceless experiences to grow both as person and as part of the world. It is our time as alumni to provide assistance for future students and contribute to Brunel University London. It has been a pleasure to help and be useful for others.



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